Festive Dinner

Enjoy a nice evening with family, friends or colleagues in a relaxing atmosphere at your chosen location. Please find our menu options below:


Dinner “Violet”

Cream chesse and vegetables terrine with salad and tomato confit
x x x
Creamy porcino soup with leek tortellini
x x x
Creamy herb risotto with Parmesan crisp
x x x
Duo of pork and lamb filet with zucchini and potato tartlet and red wine sauce
x x x
Nougat dumplings with Mocca espuma



Dinner “Rose”

Salmon tartar with avocado and caramelised endive
x x x
Creamy potato truffle soup with sweet potato crisp
x x x
Chanterelle flan with parsely foam and balsamic tomatoes
x x x
Tender veal with vegetables, celery puree and red wine sauce
x x x
Chocolate soufflé with date cognac sauce



Dinner “Orchid”

Duck breast carpaccio with fennel pepper salad and orange sauce
x x x
Creamy soup of Champagne with apple crisp and pink pepper
x x x
Scallop in pumpkin coat with carrot purée and chervil sauce
x x x
Beef filet with potato leek hash brown and morel sauce
x x x
Creation of violet mousse, homemade pralines, strawberry sorbet and walnut waffles


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