For our seasonal fingerfood choice we work only with fresh ingredients that are available on the food market. Please find some examples below:


Cones filled with avocado and crayfish
x x x
Skewers of organic chicken Saltimbocca
x x x
Artichoke bottoms with cous cous and tarragon filling and sauce hollandaise
x x x
Cream puff with crayfish filling and cress
x x x
Cream cheese tramezzini roll stuffed with tomato and coated with rocket salad
x x x
Tomato mousse with buffalo mozzarella and basil skewers
x x x
Warm zucchini and feta cheese tarte
x x x
Homemade organic sausages with mustard potoato salad
x x x
Warm pear and Gorgonzola strudel
x x x
Black Tiger prawns in a Cornflakes coat with dill and chervil aioli
x x x
Sauteed scallops with sprouts and soya dressing
x x x
Rabbit with ratatouille vegetables and mustard sauce
x x x
Potato and chard rolls with beetroot and salmon
x x x
Mousse of goose liver with homemade nut bread and truffel honey



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